New Cartoonist app for the iPad

Creaza has just released a new Cartoonist app for the iPad. The app has a brand new design, better performance, added functionality, and is more closely integrated with the web version of Creaza. 

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Develop 21st Century Skills

Creaza is a digital learning tool that enables students to work with subjects and topics by creating mind maps, presentations, comic strips, movies, and audio productions.

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Improved learning:

- Creativity

- Collaboration

- Critical thinking

- Communication

Engage your students!

Creaza #Top20

Creaza is One of Europe’s 20 Fastest Growing and Most Innovative e-Learning Companies.

EdTech Europe just announced the initial results of its EdTech 20 ranking, unveiling the top 20 e-Learning companies in Europe in terms of innovation, scale, market impact and revenue growth over the past year.

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Creaza Premium

Creaza Premium consists of four unique tools, thousands of content elements & objects and hundreds of ready-made exercises related to different subjects, topics, and curricula. Teachers assign - students produce. Students collaborate and reflect - Teachers assess.

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